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AEAEA_001_02⸍⸍⸍ 4/5

AEAEA_001_02⸍⸍⸍ 4/5

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Drawing on the boundlessness of topography and the romance of pure silk, ORXSTRA’s first Offering traces the realm of the embodied: handmade, variable editions meant to be seen and felt.

Named for the goddess-sorceress Circe’s home island, AEAEA features ten limited edition silk robes cut from a large-scale artwork, printed on a single length of silk. 

Released from the whole, each robe frames one richly detailed view of an infinitely spacious work of art. 

On the body, the robes of AEAEA express a lush and folding impression of the intricate and mystery-filled island of myth. Separated, they form an imagined archipelago, mapped in silk.

The collection explores dualism in colour codes—turquoise and rose—and the infinite in surface design. 

Echoing the silhouette and details of the traditional Philippine camisa combined with the insouciant ease of the dressing gown, these robes can be worn for serene evenings in or lavish nights out. 

Each robe comes with a unique 3D-printed, 18K gold-plated brass Ornament, which can be worn in multiple ways as an adornment, or simply enjoyed as a precious objet d’art.



Note: The AEAEA Robe Offering is a limited and variable edition run. Colour and pattern variation are features, not flaws. As such, all purchases are final sale. Thank you for your understanding. 

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